Sierra Home School



Kathy Pearson  (209)742-0290


Kathy Pearson is the new Administrator of the district's Alternative Education Center, effective August 7, 2017.  She comes to us with experience in all programs under the Alternative Education umbrella. We look forward to having a successful year as she brings that knowledge to the site. 




Janet Rathbun  (209)742-0290 fax (209)742-0212


Janet has been on the classified staff in the MCUSD since November of 1999.  She served as a secretary for Mariposa Middle School through June of 2011 and then transferred to Woodland Elementary in August of 2011.  Returning to the old Middle School Site in August of 2013, she currently serves as site secretary for the Alternative Education Center.  

9-12 Teachers

Luba Breish  Direct line (209)742-0213


Luba has been teaching in the Mariposa County School District since August of 1999.  She has been a teacher in Sierra Home School for several years, most recently serving high school students in the district.   



Marita Dietz  Direct Line 742-0241


Marita has been on the MCUSD faculty since December of 2004.  Her most recent full time assignment was teaching students at Jessie B. Fremont Community Day School & County Community School.  Due to lack of enrollment at the latter, she held a temporary teaching assignment at Mariposa Elementary and worked on curriculum development for the district during the fall of 2015. She also lended instructional support to Marni Kelsey in her Home School class. She joins the Sierra Home staff as a high school teacher, replacing Rock Carlson, who retired the end of April of 2016.